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Champions and losers through the Bachelor’s really bonkers period premiere

The return of a face that is familiar drama and unpredictability to Peter Weber’s debut once the bachelor.

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Hannah Brown and Peter Weber had been reunited in an exceedingly dramatic period premiere. Getty Pictures

Also by Bachelor standards, this season’s premiere had been crazy — and that is saying something.

As dedicated fans of this franchise well understand, the bachelor into the hot chair in 2010 is Peter Weber, a pilot for Delta Airlines, whose career has spurred countless flights puns. (“I’m right right here for the flight reasons chief that is them.) Weber had been one of many contestants dumped by Alabama inside designer Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette season that is last and now he’s came back for The Bachelor’s (count ’em) 24th go-round to see if he’ll fare any benefit.

But there’s a twist — possibly Hannah has returned too?!

Brown, who’s solitary, made franchise history during her Bachelorette season when she pointedly split up with would-be fiance Jed Wyatt for lying in regards to a girlfriend that is former. It continues to be to be noticed just what will take place between her and Peter now that she’s reappeared to host an organization date within the premiere — only to perhaps, kind-of sort-of discover she might continue to have emotions for him. Once the cliffhanger associated with the episode recommends, it is feasible she’ll even stick to to be considered a contestant all over again.

The Hannah Brown drama apart, Weber

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