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So how exactly does the date my payment is gotten effect my loan(s)?

As a result of day-to-day easy interest, the date your repayment is gotten impacts the actual quantity of interest you spend.

  • Once the total due is gotten just before your due date less interest accrues and much more of one’s re payment is used to major, decreasing the loan’s balance that is principal.
  • If the total due is gotten after your date that is due more accrues and less of the re re payment is used to major.

Exemplory case of the way the date my payment is gotten impacts my loan(s):

Major stability deadline Total due frequent interest
$6,000 25th $100 $1.15
  • If $100 is gotten in the 25th of this thirty days, the repayment will first be used to accrued interest of $34.50 and also the staying $65.50 will be put on the main stability, decreasing the key stability to $5,934.50.
  • If $100 is received on the 20th of the thirty days (before the date that is due, five days’ less interest would accrue in the $6,000 stability.
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