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Dating Protection Guidelines. Dating safety and intimate attack can be a hard topic to go over.


Statistics reveal that 1 in 3 women and almost 1 in 2 teenage boys state they cannot understand the indications of intimate assault.

We’ve developed these methods for one to talk about blued profiles together. These guidelines affect a casual date, simply “hanging away” or serious relationships. Abstaining from sex may be the best option for teenagers. However if a new person chooses to take part in sexual intercourse and contains questions about preventing maternity or intimately transmitted diseases, please make a scheduled appointment with Family wellness Services. Moms and dads are welcome or people that are young check out alone. Most of all, be safe!

  1. Prevent usage of drugs and alcohol which means you have actually complete memory of this individual or intimate encounter.
  2. Being rejected for intimate relations just isn’t always a rejection of you actually. Somebody who says “no” to sexual relations is expressing his / her unwillingness to take part in a certain work at a time that is specific.
  3. Accept a person’s decision. “No” means “no. ” Don’t read in other definitions.
  4. Don’t assume that simply because an individual flirts or dresses in a fashion you take into account “sexy” she wants to engage in sexual relations that he or.
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