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The diversity that is sexual into the human being is an interest that throughout recent years

Key term: Bisexuality; Bisexual identity; Experiences; Construction of definitions; Qualitative research

The diversity that is sexual into the individual is an interest that throughout recent years happens to be more examined both in the positivist and emergent paradigms to be able to produce brand new theoretical views that enable a far better comprehension from it. Regardless of the development associated with research that is academic nevertheless is a grand theoretical space that limits the eyesight regarding the peoples sex 1 . One of many reasons that may explain this example may be the focalization of these studies into the heterosexual homosexual dichotomy that enable a binary system making hidden other intimate identities 2 .

As outcome, bisexuality sometimes appears once the amount of heterosexuality and homosexuality. Some theories, including the essentialists, consider that the bisexual identification is a mask utilized to full cover up the genuine homosexual identification, whereas, the people in line with the social constructionism, acknowledge that it’s a genuine identification 3 .

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