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Do you know the potential risks of Tinder and how would it be used properly?

The murder test of Gable Tostee received news attention across the world, with several stories focussing in the reality which he and Warriena Wright came across on Tinder before she dropped to her death from their apartment balcony in the Gold Coast.

The real question is whether headlines like this 1 through the nyc Post — Chilling final selfies before Tinder date switched lethal — reflect genuine security issues, or whether dating apps are only another way of meeting strangers, no dissimilar to a club or even a club.

Are fears about Tinder founded?

Dr Lauren Rosewarne, a commentator that is social the University of Melbourne, states internet-date horror tales get disproportionate news attention.

They make use of current worries harboured by the viewers, nevertheless they happen infrequently,” she stated.

She claims there is nevertheless this notion that the world wide web is “a type of badlands” and therefore “only losers or people that have unlawful intent go surfing to meet up individuals”.

That is inspite of the fact that folks have been creating an online business up to now for many years.

It is simply a expression of actual life. Plus in real world, no body does a back ground check up on a person met in a club,” she stated.

There are certain dating apps available on the market — including happn, Hinge and Grindr — but Tinder is considered the most prominent.

Dr Rosewarne states because hook-up apps are this type of typical method of meeting people, the probabilities are therefore extremely high that victims or perpetrators of crimes may have used them.

But cyber security expert Susan McLean claims you will find genuine differences when considering utilizing dating apps and meeting people at bars or groups.

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