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what to anticipate whenever heading out by having a girl that is korean

This is a shallow question and in some ways a deep one in some ways. I’ll hope the responses treat both edges similarly :-) I’ve been flirting by having a girl that is local have always been trying to find some advice to try to make

I am in Korea for two days for more information on the nation while making some company associates. Last week I came across a rather good and appealing woman (a university senior) who had been the only real person into the ATM line that would assist me find out where i possibly could utilize my international ATM card. We’ve been sending flirty text communications backwards and forwards, or at the very least i do believe they’re flirty – the possible for cultural miscommunication abounds (is excatly why i am composing this post). This is actually the trade:

me personally: hi, it really is my name thanks once again for the assistance. we tried to phone you however it did not workher: hi my name:) i’m very sorry that icouldn’t respond to the phone call can you fun time in SEOUL?!me: I experienced an excellent time doing xyz u?me: then when do i get the trip of sinchon? exactly just what r u doing tonight?her: oh

u possessed a good day:-)it’s cool-tonigh, i’ll watching movie with friendsme: then when do I have to see you? :-)her: are you wanting us to loaf around with u in Sinchon?!me: yes i’d like you to hold down beside me in sinchon or anywhere :-)her: okay :) think about Thursday?!me: 2 belated! I will be making on Thursday :-( i’d like 2 c u sooner! :-)her: oh

i see- how about Wednesday?! we’ll phone u after classme: u understand why i’d like sooner? thus I can c u really type and really prettyher: oh

thank you:-) but i have presentation on I could meet you after wednesdayme: okay then we should head out wednesday night 2 celebrate your presentation!her wednesday: yes

then see you wednesday :-)me: :-) u can show me personally the absolute most fun restaurants and pubs in Seoul!last message delivered an hour or two ago

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